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Digi Vision

IP Camera surveillance SystemWe are glad to introduce our Digi-Vision IP Camera Surveillance System.It is an advanced Surveillance video technology used in highly secured environments where real time monitoring is required.

Analog CCTV vs. IP CAM

Even at the highest resolution available for CCTV, the clarity of rapidly moving objects - such as a person running or speeding car - has long been problematic in security and surveillance applications. In an analog CCTV environment, a rapidly moving object will appear blurry. This is because an analog video signal, even when connected to a DVR, interlaces to create the images. Interlaced images use techniques developed for analog TV monitor displays, made up of visible horizontal lines across a standard TV screen. If you happen to have shopped for a new TV lately you are probably aware that 1080i is not nearly as good as 1080P. Interlacing divides images into odd and even lines and then alternately refreshes them. The slight delay between odd and even line refreshes creates some distortion - only half the lines keep up with the moving image while the other half waits to be refreshed. This cause moving objects to blur or appear jagged (see picture).